Going into the 2016/2017 winter season the ICPADS shelter program was in great need of a major necessity in our shelters. Most of our needs are very reasonable. Trash bags, sugar, coffee, the basics. But this time was different, we were in need of something that would be far more costly than our routine necessities.


When the shelter season begins it can be difficult to cultivate such costly resources due to the demand of the needs of the shelter itself. However, we jumped in to the 2016/2017 winter shelter season with both feet and a lot of prayers. Midway through the shelter season those prayers were answered. Our shelter program was in great need of new bed mats. We use cushioned bed mats rather than actual beds due to the fact that our shelter is mobile. We travel each week, most times moving our shelter between four different locations. Local churches host the shelter in their facility on varying nights. The mats offer a mobile, easy to maintain option for our program.


Midway through the winter season the shelter received a very generous donation from Mattress Firm, who not only donated but also delivered the mats to our shelter. As this season is soon coming to a close we are truly grateful for their donation. It allowed us to move forward and focus on growing our program to reach more individuals in our community in the upcoming season.


Thank you Mattress Firm!

MARCH 2017

A Winter Blessing..

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